Opening Ceremony

“Evgenia Anastassiadou Smyrnaiou” Foundation : Opening Ceremony / Presentation Day @ Megaron Mousikis

Anastassiadis Group held a special event at the Athens Concert Hall-Megaro Mousikis with partners, friends and journalists to announce the establishment of the charitable foundation “Evgenia Anastassiadou Smyrnaiou”.

The evening, hosted by presenter Alexis Kostalas, started with the greeting of the
former President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos. Exceptional speakers took over, namely Journalist Giorgos Lianis with an extensive presentation of the Foundation, Evangelia Anastassiadou who spoke about her late mother Evgenia Anastassiadou Smyrnaiou, Anastassios Karagannis – assistant professor of Spatial Econometrics at the Department of Economic and Regional Development of Panteion University and Ypatia Alexaki, HR Director of Anastassiadis Group, to complete the first part of the event.

The leading Greek soprano, Vasiliki Karagianni, gave an astonishing performance

The former President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos
The host of the evening, Alexis Kostalas
Dr. Ioannis Anastassiadis, Founder of the Foundation & CEO of Anastassiadis Group
Anastassios Karagannis, assistant professor of Spatial Econometrics at the Department of Economic and Regional Development, Panteion University of Athens.
Giorgos Lianis, journalist
Evangelia Anastassiadou, daughter of the late
Evgenia Anastassiadou
Ypatia Alexaki, HR Director of Anastassiadis Group.

The initiative to form this charitable entity belongs to Dr. Ioannis Anastassiadis,
CEO of Anastassiadis Group, son of the late Evgenia Anastassiadou Smyrnaiou,
in whose memory the foundation is being established. The Foundation is exclusively of a public benefit nature, self-financed and governed by the modern
operating principles of Sustainable Development.

The scope of the Foundation is:

  • To provide lump-sum financing to financially challenged students and postgraduates in Greece or abroad.
  • To announce contests and assign works or studies, relating to the promotion of the intellectual and cultural development of financially challenged students attending school or university.
  • To provide lump-sum financing and grants, as well as award laudatory diplomas or awards to students of the Department of Economic Regional Development of Panteion University, for successful writing or completion of work.
  • Free services by social workers assisting young and single mothers. The financial and psychological support of single women with children, large, financially challenged families or single-parent families.
Anastassiadis Family
Dr. Ioannis Anastassiadis with the Architects’ team of the Group
Anastassiadis Group Associates
Anastassiadis Group Associates

The following politicians, businesspersons and artists were present at the event:
Angelos Syrigos- Deputy Minister of Education, Konstantinos Katsafados – Deputy
Minister of Shipping, Marios Salmas – Member of Parliament, Orthopedist Surgeon, Associate Professor of the Medical School of the University of Athens, Stavros Voidonikolas – Deputy Governor of the Islands Regional Unit, Haris Pasvantidis – Regional Councilor, former ministers Kostas Laliotis and Milena Apostolaki, Mina Papatheodorou – Valyraki – painter, Tania Drogosis Nikolopoulou – painter, Manolis Mitsias – singer, Christina Moustaklis – widow of Lt. General Spyros Moustaklis, sports personalities Mimis Domazos, Antonis Antoniadis, George Skrekis and George Kalaitzis ,Eleni Didaskalou – Director of Communication & Marketing – Megaron the Athens Concert Hall, Marinis Stratopoulos – CEO of NBG Cyprus, Ioannis Lignos – president of the Hellenic Fencing Federation, the member of the Board of Directors of the Athens Bar Association – Marinetta Hatzisarantou – Gounari, Michalis Katharakis – CEO of the Mediterranean Competence Center of Agri-Food of Heraklion Crete (MACC), Anastassios Tassopoulos – mathematician – professor emeritus of the Panteion University of Athens, Sophia Spyratou – choreographer and director, Takis Sarantis – journalist, Savvas Kalenderidis – author, Stavros Nikolaidis – actor, etc.

Dr. Ioannis Anastassiadis, musician Manolis Mitsias and Eirini Anastassiadou
George Lianis, Mimis Domazos, Antonis Antoniadis